Dr. Unger’s fundamental approach to treatment is relationship-based. That is, the difficulties that people bring to the office usually have an exclusive or dominant origin in relationship or interpersonal dilemmas. He uses the psychoanalytic-psychodynamic in-depth approach in combination with the contemplative approach taught and practiced in the Contemplative Psychotherapy program at Naropa.

Instead of focusing on problem-solving through a mechanical or prescriptive approach, Bob takes an in-depth approach to the issues people bring to the office, with the aim of uncovering the repetitive patterns that result in an individual’s everyday problems and difficult situations. He helps individuals become aware of their own patterns, thereby empowering them to effect changes in their attitudes and actions. Although this approach can take longer and at times be more frustrating for the client than the direct problem-solving approach, it brings individuals to a greater awareness of their ways of thinking, feeling, and decision-making. That typically helps them to make more creative and more constructive decisions in everyday life, to achieve greater self-confidence, and to engage in deeper, more satisfying relationships. And as the individual experiences new problems, he or she becomes better able to view those experiences as creative opportunities for change.

Because of his in-depth approach, Bob doesn’t specialize in specific populations or diagnoses, or in treating specific types of problems. He’s very experienced in working with individuals ranging from teenagers to elders, with couples, and with groups.

Robert Unger, PhD
2455 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304

Phone: 303-938-9494
Fax: 303-291-1180
Email: docbob1@msn.com
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